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Capture text messages in real time.
Securely upload documents and track expenses.
Enjoy convenient 24/7 access from your phone.
Stay organized and on track, all in one place.

Discover how FamilyDocket can help you today!

FamilyDocket organizes cases intuitively and builds them in real time.

Not only does FamilyDocket streamline and optimize the intake process for a law firm, it facilitates client/lawyer collaboration like never before to save time and money for both firms and clients.

Access critical information anytime, anywhere

You can track reimbursement requests and review secure text message communication between (ex)spouses/co-parents. Easily export reimbursement summary data and supporting documents and automatically document conversations within the app.

Stay organized

You will receive automated summary emails that include items flagged for your review and any recent updates related to a case.

Create efficiencies through structure

Upload, categorize, and retrieve documents quickly and easily. Information can be catalogued and instantly shared for use in your divorce/custody case or with other professionals such as CPAs, mortgage brokers, custody evaluators & parenting facilitators. Upload it once & share it multiple times.

Features that save you time and give you peace of mind.

Comprehensive Dashboard

For lawyers, the dashboard gives you a high-level overview of all of your cases. You can see case details, recent activity, and action items.

Message Capture

FamilyDocket automatically captures text message exchanges between (ex)spouses/co-parents once their cases are set up.

Reimbursement Tracker

Access a detailed log of all reimbursable expense requests. Lawyers and clients alike can export these easily, any time they wish.

Task List

Easily create and assign tasks to clients so nothing important is missed.

Document Library

The document library can house all case data needed for a client or a lawyer, including Audio, Video, Word, PDF & Excel files. Specialized tags help sort and categorize items quickly.

Secure and Compliant

ADA, HIPAA and TXHB 300 compliant.

Simplify your life with FamilyDocket.
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